Evolve AT wheel with Trampa 6.5” tire?

Does a 6.5” trampa urban tire fit on an evolve AT rim?

It does


Thank you!

Those look sick!

What setup are you running?

Great tires, I have never had a flat in a year of riding.

Nothing special on this one. Dual (Chinese) 6374’s , cheap Evolve clone trucks, 12s5p 30q with bluetooth bms, diy fiberglass enclosure , dual Focboxes, on a restless mantis 33 inch deck.ive buolt it with al my leftover parts. It’s not very prêtre but i use it as a daily commute atm.

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Forvthe looks i prefer the Evolve 6 inch tyres but the Trampa 6,5 inch tyres are much better comfort wise.

Evolve 6 inch: