EVO SHRYKE | Landyachtz Evo | Calibre Baseplates | Dual TB 6374s 190kV | 100mm BOA | 12S | Focbox Unity

Hey Team – This is a rendition of my build in another space, without all the boring crap.

But I will say again - I probably should have named this build Apprentice Evo, after getting so much inspiration and information from @Deckoz Brad and his Master Evo.

Purchased / Received:
Deck: Landyachtz Evo 39” (concrete lines skate store)

Enclosure: @eboosted custom evo standard enclosure

Wheels: BOA 100mm Red
• Bronson G3 Bearings

Trucks : Caliber II 44° Red
• torque boards hanger on order
• Sector 9 Wedge Riser pads Black
• Lux Wedge Riser pads Red (didn’t use)

Gearing :
Build Kit Boards @BuildKitBoards
• 15T Motor (didn’t use – ended up going with 16T TB pulley)
• Kegel modular pulley set 36T
• HTD 265 - 15mm belts

Customer Evo X braces from Matt @akhlut.

Bestech D140 Charge Only BMS (BKB)

Motor : 2x Torqueboards 6374 motors

Motor mount : Torqueboards V5 Fixed Dual Motor Mount Set
These didn’t work – Dexter happily replaced them with red mounts.

ESC : FOCBOX Unity – I finally got one thanks to my boy @skunk – That’s a bloody epic story no-one needs to read.

Battery : 12s5p – Built not bought. Board hasn’t exploded yet, so something went right.

Remote / Received: Entertion Nano-X – on to my second one. Waiting for Andrew to give me something better.


Bought Samsung 30Qs and tested them all.
Put them in the configuration for a 12s5p, and once I was happy with everything, started spot welding.

I haven’t been able to find a big sheet of fish paper in Australia, like I see people using to insulating the batteries, but there is sticky fish paper sheets stuck in between the batteries length ways.

My friend Roger keeps saying Insulate, Insulate, Insulate.
My pack is wrapped in so much kapton tape it isn’t funny.

Braided Copper wire is used between 7 – 12p groups to hold it all together.


I didn’t go pretty with the balance wires, but it does the job.

As soon as I roughly put everything together to see how it would go, I knew I would need to use a riser. I had the 1/4-1/2 inch wedge riser. I had to get longer hardware and some .5” risers to work with the curves of the EVO.


Pro Tip: Measure and align 20 times before drilling. And drill one hole at a time making sure everything lines up.

I used stainless steel M5 wood inserts which cost an arm and a leg, however are great.

In my case I got the 4 bolts (2 at each end) done perfectly, however I did the last six middle bolts in one go and the enclosure somehow ended up slightly to one side. There is still a gap between the enclosure and the edge of the board, but when you’re going for perfection, it being off center is a bit of a let down. I don’t even notice it now at all.


I sent the legend Brad @RipTideSports from Riptide a PM with my build info and what I wanted to do, and he recommended some bushings for me to try out. I ordered through the site and have them all ready to go / play around with different combinations.

I actually want to go the pink all round to hopefully be able to turn slightly better. I made this board for speed and it does exactly that. So I’m in no rush.


Final Product:

Issues along the way:
My TB 6374 retainer rings both went at one point or another.
Fortunately, I had received extras from Dexter in anticipation so it was an easy fix (especially because my friend did it for me)

My original TB Motor clamps just slipped. Every ride I would have to readjust and tighten, and move, etc. etc. etc. It was

So what did I do, I laced those bad boys up with red locktite. And guess what, it didn’t help at all. So I ended up having to grind the bloody things off the truck.

I now have the TB V6 mount, and it’s bloody beautiful. Hasn’t moved one.
Thanks again to Dexter.

The Guts
The enclosure is great at keeping out dust. I opened it up the other day to put a METR in the board and it looked great in there. I was riding this board 30km a day in summer so it has done some distance.

Everything is Velcroed in there, there is so much foam for insulation and to stop vibration. And then I have just taped things down for the hell of it.

Special thanks to all my boys -
Any questions let me know.



Sexy build as always
Glad it hasn’t killed you yet .

Got a second build in you ?


Love it!

I wonder if @moone and @moon are the same individuals :confused:


There’s always something in the pipelines sunshine.

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Glad the new ones are working good for you now :smile:

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i was confused at first, too.
Its like eboosted and ebooted or skunk and skpunk :joy::joy::joy:
edit: @Moone nice build btw.


You sexy beast @Moone

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yaaay it’s great to watch it all again!

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that sounds painful

You remind me of this potato farmer I once knew.

We all look the same big fat round face, stupid grin, gullible

i love this build so much. All imma say is for next time, at bunnings we sell m6 inserts that aren’t that expensive. yeah they’re a lil bigger but its convenient :blush:

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Bruh this is balls deep freakin beautiful!

All these Evos riding around makes me want to build my own :sweat_smile: Where abouts in Australia are you?

I hope the unity proves to be a non-issue for you!


Over in Perth mate.
Thank you. She’s a scary beast but a lot of fun.

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NICE BUILD!!! i want almost this exact build!
So much space in those @eBoosted enclosures. whats the board weigh in total?
have you had any issues overheating/throttling the Unity on a 12s on hot days and are you using an additional heatsink?

im building something incredibly similar but no deck battery motors wheels yet :slight_smile: so thanks for the inspiration.


Thanks mate and welcome.

The short answer is it weighs: 12.5kg (apologises if you’re not in the 95% of the world’s population who uses metric).

The long answer is it’s fine for doing long commuting trips. But i wouldn’t ride it to the shops etc, where I would have to cart it around.

No additional heatsink.
No overheating issues.

I have the Metr pro in there so if any errors occur I’ll be across it!

Cheers man.


This is amazing build!
love the red color scheme you got going on


cool build!
You have nothing between deck and enclosure?

nice build, can you post motor and battery values?

Hey mate.

I have a very thin piece of closed cell foam between the enclosure and the deck. Everything is super super tight and I haven’t had any issues so far.

I haven’t been skating because we have had our wettest June on record and July hasn’t been much better!

I need to update the unity so I’ll check tonight and post them for you @AndresIGC