[EU] WTS - RE44, vacuum enclosure stuff, kegel wheels & pulleys, MBS bindings, street complete,...

Hi guys, I’m trying to make some space, so these are some small things I can pass to somebody else :slight_smile:

shipping from czech republic

Item 1
Description: Redember 44 blue
Price (CZK): 8000 + shipping

never ridden, paint has imperfections from other deck touching it. truck mounting holes on one side are not 100% matching truck pattern. they are about 0.5mm off. is usable with slight persuasion


Item 2
Description: Kegel core wheels - 120mm rubber (Flash/Jetsurf) new, 80mm Kegel used, pulleys and belts
Price (CZK): 2200 + shipping

including these pulley sizes (3dprinted, HTD-5M)

  • 32t 2x with adapters to other side of the core
  • 34t 2x with adapters to other side of the core
  • 36t 2x with adapters to other side of the core
  • 38t 2x with adapters to other side of the core
  • 40t 2x with adapters to other side of the core

two pulleys are also already attached to the kegels. two kegels are without pulleys (diffrent than the picture says)

including these belt sizes (HTD-5M, 15mm)

  • 320mm 8x
  • 310mm 2x
  • 300mm 2x
  • 290mm 2x
  • 270mm 2x

Item 3
Description: Trampa butt protector (new, never used)
Price (CZK): 600 + shipping

wanted it for racing, so that falls on my butt are feather-like. then I stopped racing :smiley:


Item 4
Description: complete set of things for vacuum molding of enclosures with GF and CF
Price (CZK): 6000 + shipping

complete set of stuff you’d need. there’s enough GF and CF for multiple enclosures (at least 3).

  • GF in two weights (140g and 350g)
  • CF in two weights (cannot remember)
  • anti-sticking perforated blue plastic between infused GF/CF and a bleeder
  • anti-sticking non-perforated blue plastic for whatever survace you dont want coated
  • bleeder cloth
  • separator coating
  • 1kg of unopened epoxy with hardener
  • vacuum bags
  • the stickiest tape ever for sealing the vacuum bag
  • vaccum pump
  • pain rollers for the epoxy, with a tray
  • blue and black pigment
  • cups and sticks to mix the epoxy

Item 5 [SOLD]
Description: MBS F5 bindings with heel straps
Price (CZK): 1200 + shipping

riden only once. I found out that I like to get off of the board while riding in the city.
I got some spare ratchet-teeth-mounting-straps, so they’re going as well.


Item 6
Description: street complete 12s7p 30q, unity, 6374
Price (CZK): 18000 + shipping

a street board that needs some attention.

43" Grand plata deck aka MBNEF
Focbox Unity with heatsink and BT module
Maytech 6374 170kv
12S7P 30Q battery
xiaoxiang BMS
gearing 16-40,
240mm 3DServicas trucks
110mm TB thanes

with 90kg rider goes ~50km, max speed around 50kph

there are two issues:

  • one mount is broken. should be able to order new one from boardnamics. the claps are made to fit the 3ds trucks, so only the plate is necessary
  • motors are getting old, and are probably missing few pieces of magnet. HFI cannot make them run from dead stop. they need slight push. but once they spin, they run well

(btw the “Driveto” logo is a stricker and can be removed)



CZK 24 ~ USD 1


Hi , Just looking for heel straps. Iam from Pardubice :wink:

Hey! I’m interested in the bindings!

hi guys!

the redember is in progess of shipping communication with @Rudi

the F5 bindings got some attention, @Facko was faster, so he has a priority. then @Oddcomo

everything else is still available :slight_smile:



  • bindings sold to @Facko
  • re44 is in progress with @Rudi
  • GP street complete (item6) and kegel-core wheels (item2) are in progress with @Rasec