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[EU] WTS : LG HB2 1500mah 30A batteries + 33.6v charger + maybe 2x VESC6 Escape

Ok guys the month is starting hard and I’ll need to purchase lots of magnets & bearings for the magnetic drive. So I’m betting some parts on it.

Hope you can find worth in my stuff.

Selling 32x LG HB2 brand new unused 1500mah 30A continuous discharge cells, has been kept in secluded areas only and no exposure to heat or cold. Some have shrink wrap marks cause I used them as fit dummies for another project (which is actually successful). Never discharged, all have original voltage it came in from NKON. No solder mark at all.

Cap may be low but these HAUL!

Hoping to get 65€ from the lot + shipping.

Next, a 8S 33.6v 6a charger brand new again with XT60 and eu plug. 35€+shipping.

Last but not least, 2x pristine brand new VESC6 Escape, never plugged or anything. Asking 350€ for the pair+shipping. I’m not sure I want to sell these ones, it hurts to take a step back. I also have the white masks.

Will probably not sell them unless the rest is sold too.

Remember that if you buy these, you’re officially investing into the magnetic drive too :checkered_flag:

I can ship worldwide but not sure it’ll be worth the extra cost so offering to EU first. @mmaner I’ll add pictures tomorrow when I get up.

I would like to hear more about the magnetic drive is there a thread? Im curious what it is?
Edit don’t worry I found the search button.

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Pictures like you said you would?

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Incoming, didn’t go home last night

Its all good… Just upload them as soon as you can so we avoid another “situation”

It’s alright I’m more chill lol. I added some pictures, I’ll still need to put pics of the cells next.

And I’m really not sure to part with the Escapes, it was a hassle getting them… I have a late mid year crisis.

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