(EU, WTS) Garage Sale: Kahua trucks with Maytech 6880, Meepo Motors and front truck, Flipsky 6.6 mini with burnt capacitor and etc.

The time has come to say goodbye to the esk8 hobby, its kinda sad but unfortunetly german rules isnt really motivating me to keep on riding so it only keeps with one option to sell everything esk8 related that i own.

Of course all prices include shipping inside europe (not the UK tho hehe)

If you have any questions regarding anything please dont hesitate

  1. Kahua Trucks with 6880 Maytech (300 EUR)
    Extra Paris baseplate
    Extra belts
    36t Kegel pulleys
    18t and 16t motor pulleys
    Riptide bushings

  2. Meepo battery and esc enclosure (30 EUR)


For anyone wondering, these are awesome trucks IMHO. If I didn’t have multiple sets, I would be all over this.

Parts have been updated as some of them got sold

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Are the hub motors and vesc still available?

Parts updated again, cmon guys two more parts and all my esk8 stuff is goneee