[EU] Wtb enclosure for omakase

wtb enclosure for loaded omakase. any enclosure that would fit 10s2p 40t + dual esc. eboosted/bkb enclosures fit perfectly

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I have one on the bench today.


I would take another one if you make any!! :heart_eyes:



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@BigBen how is this going? any ETA? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m away for work at the moment. Should be back at the beginning of next week and I’ll be right back on it.

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@BigBen did you ever get around to making an enclosure for the omakase?

Yes. And it’s beautiful.

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It looks great. @BigBen I don’t suppose you have a double stack enclosure for it? I’ve only got a crappy meepo 10s2p battery.

Yes. It’s a chunk.


OMG those are huge! :sweat_smile:

@BigBen enclosure is a masterpiece:


Hi, do you still have any of these? Can you tel me the internal and external dimensions? Do you ship to Slovenia (its next to Austria and Italy)?

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I’m not at home right now but I know there’s some white ones in the workshop.
@Evwan built a nice one of his batteries into one, I can’t remember the dimensions though.

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Pleas let me know when you find the time.

Dont have dimensions either, but it fits a 12s3p p42a, focbox unity, and a daly bms easily.

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That looks super cool. I have a really specific case. My battery is 5 2s3p 18650 NESE modules, which take up quite a lot of space + smart BMS and Flipsky 4.2 with aluminium case.

oof, yeah, not sure if that’s gonna fit. Thickness is a big thing there too