[EU] WTB Cheap FOCer 2

Looking for a single Cheap FOCer 2 with IMU, preferably a v0.9.
I’m located in Sweden. Thanks in advance!


i may have a set. I’ll need to check on Tuesday. I’ll pm you if i have em. I’m in Sydney Australia

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Since you made the mistake twice now - please choose a subcategory when opening a thread in the esk8 parts market.

If you want to sell something new - new parts for sale
If you want to sell something used - used parts for sale
If you want to buy something - parts wanted


I do have two, but you will have to assemble them (solder wires etc)

Are all SMD’s soldered, so it’s just the wires and through hole components that need to be worked on? If so I’m interested.

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That’s right! You need only soldering iron and some soldering skills

If @deepsilence only wants one, I would take the other!