[EU] WTB Berg inner tubes

Anyone have 4 berg inner tubes they can part with?

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I can send you a 6x2 inner tube to see if it fits (or come pick it up in london?)
It’s from the aliexpress wheels that are cross-compatible with bergs

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Thanks, i have 6x2 tyres and tubes. The 6x2 tubes aren’t a good fit with the berg tyres and I don’t trust them enough to ride on them in that configuration.

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Oh, good to know… are they too large to fit inside? They get unbalanced?


The 6x2 tyres don’t self centre on the rims so its difficult to get them to sit right which is why i haven’t used them, need to print some shims to help with this.

The 6x2 inner tubes are too big for berg tyres, so I worry about pinches and folds using them that way.