[EU] Used 12s4p 30Q D140 200ā‚¬

Hey there, I moved on from a single drive to a dual 6474 and I would like to max out those motors and with this battery its just not possible.

It has been used for a month, maybe 20 full cycles
Today a new bms has been installed since there was a 2yr old one before on it, as a preventive measure.
The cells are in balance.
The soldered spots look terrible because of the flux from the solder, and my horrible phone camera but the connections are as solid as they can be

With this money, I will probably get a P30 Pro to have better pics in the future :sweat_smile:

Price is 200ā‚¬, with 4A charger 220ā‚¬

Shipping from Croatia, 20-35ā‚¬ to Europe only.
@BillGordon updated


Can we have dimensions? :blush:
Awesome price btw

Pictures inline please, not linked. Thanks.


Iā€™m gonna close this, if you want it back open let a mod know. Be ready to post pics please.


45x15x2cm max
But I would recommend to put some vibration dampening so you will need more than 2 cm of height space

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Alright, ill finally send you those cells and buy this too. Hop into PMs and ill pay for this now

(I already have yoyr revolut though i think)

Still avalible?