EU/SWIZTERLAND Remote wanted, fast

Hi all, to finish my project of an electric freebord, I need a remote and sadly the one I have is not compatible with the receiver I bought (mini remote with HK GT2R)

So I’m looking for a remote, can be whatever, even GT2Bs not modded, as long as it is not too expensive (around 30€ max) and can ship fast to Switzerland

And shop recommandations are welcomed too :wink:

Hobbyking is your friend

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It was fucking slow to ship my last order, 3 weeks…
looking for other options

I could send you a mini from the uk?

Could be awesome, depends how much you can charge me (shipping should be a little bit more than Europe)

Can you give m a shout this evening and I’ll dig one out and check shipping? I think they’re £15 on ebay?so something like that?

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I have a GT2B that’s been sitting on a shelf for quite a while. It’s like new. I can do 25 EUR shipped (with tracking) and can send it out tomorrow. You should have it in about a week.


That sound very nice !
I’ll take it for 25€ shipped