[EU] Some old decks and an enclosure

I have 3 old decks and 1 enclosure that i’d like to get rid of. They’re pretty crappy but still good enough to ride on, or maybe chop em up to something new!

Make shelves from them, or maybe a lamp? Idc what you do with it but if you want them you can have them

Koowheel deck, skateboard deck that had mountainboard trucks on it, chopped riviera deck.

I’m located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

That riviera looks like my style, and i could use another restoration project for practice. Ill think on that while i work today.
Edit: too far away. @rusins wants it. That is a completely random guess. XD

Lol no thanks :laughing:


Wrong category tho

Sorry, that was in reply to Kai. (I don’t know why he pinged me).

You have the wrong thread category btw (should be parts for sale, not parts wanted). Thanks for offering these decks to the community for free though! :+1:


What material is the enclosure?

Ah i see, i saw for free so i thought that was fitting. I’ll change the category.

Sorry for my first reply to you btw, i didn’t see you were tagged and i assumed you just replied to this thread.

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Just ABS plastic i believe