[EU, Poland] 2x 136KV Trampa motor, Trampa deck, VESC-X, Nano X, 12S4P box

All the mages uploaded to dropbox, here. The forum has refused to accept the upload: Dropbox - esk8 - Simplify your life

If you find my asking price too high, call yours via PM plz.

Shipping worldwide, but please mind the actual shipping costs when making the decision.

  1. Trampa 136KV Motors with lengthened 10 AWG power cables, lengthened sensor cables and double-layer mesh shields installed
    Description: basically new
    Price: EUR 110 / each

  2. 15ply 35º Street Carver - STIFF
    Description: it’a a sieve, but if its for you, it’s for you
    Price: EUR 70 (or call you price)

  3. Two Enertion VESC-X with a customised tufnol mounting plate and all wiring in 10 AWG
    Description: except for the wires being soldered together, they’re basically new
    Price: EUR 70 / each

  4. 12S4P box with sockets and voltmeter installed
    Description: manufacturer: B&W International, model: 500
    Price: EUR 30

  5. 2.4Ghz Enertion Remote and receiver
    Description: basically new
    Price: EUR 40

Offers via PMs plz.

Should be all



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  1. 2x 460 long x 15mm wide 5M (5mm Tooth Space) TRAMPA STRONGBELT
    Description: basically new
    Price: EUR 8 / each

Pic: Dropbox - IMG_20220226_154548.jpg - Simplify your life