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[EU-PL] Trampa Beast 3dServicas drive and hubs and maany more.

Hello my friends, need to sell my love, my board …to fight with cancer. To be honest I do not know how much to demand for this Beast as it takes me two years to fully upgrade it. If you can, help me out.

Deck: Trampa Carver with trampa cover, TPU flaps installed and EL white wire mounted in milled grove outside 15PLY. Mounted Grab Handle.

Trucks: Trampa ATB Trucks front Vertigo, rear ATB without milled ends (to fit 3ds gear drive)

Drive: FatBoy SS HD Straight Gear Drive V3 4,5:1 (900km)

Motors: 2x 6380 160kv Tourqueboards

ESC: 2x Trampa VESC 6 (the old blue one) 3ds Heat sink installed


Battery: Dying out 12s4p 30q 2 years old battery (17km of range)

Hubs: Full set of 3ds normal (4 on Trampa Ceramic Bearings) and wide hubs (4)

Etoxx orange grab handle mounted at the end

Davega X painted black

Inside is turnigy 50v SBEC to power lights

8x spare Trampa red bearings

Also I printed in TPU mudguards for 8inch set of tires (9inch fenders without mounts included, I can share mount project to work on it)

Board is used and I think it need some minor maintenance to be perfect again, maybe motor bearings to be replaced after snow ride.

Sorry for poor description, I just learn about seriousness of my sickness and want to estimate how I can get for it. Hope I will return to esk8 after recover :slight_smile:


Good luck with the sale, and fuck cancer! Hope you get better soon :muscle:


Sorry to hear about your health, hopefully someone can pick this board up in one piece so you dont have to hassle with a partout. Will probably help if you can toss a price out there, dsn’t matter if you put it too high, just put something, we understand.

Fight on brother


Oh dude this is heartbreaking… Fuck cancer!!

Good luck selling this beauty.
And as @linsus said, adding a price even if it doesn’t make much sense it’s a good start for negotiation!!

Get well and keep fighting


Thank you all for kind words! :slight_smile:
I decided I will polish board last time and then sell it off.

Can be closed.


Sorry to hear about the cancer! Fight it and start over with a brand new DIY board afterwards.

About the board: I just joined the forum because I thought about building one myself so I can change the (V)ESC settings to my desire. I also like building things myself, though this would be my first Longboard. Your board looks really nice and probably better than my first built would look like :wink:
If you can come up with a price, you might save me some time building it myself. I also would not mind fixing things myself if there is anything that needs to be done.

If the batteries are dying I think it is not worth shipping them due to LiIon regulations but I could get new ones. What do you think?


Sweet ride. And once again fuck cancer. My girl just beat brain cancer. 10% survival rate. She made it. You got this.
You got a price on that?


Love you guys, those kind words make this day a little brighter :slight_smile: Esk8 forever! Shiny and chrome!

One guy outside the forum offered me 3k € for polished unit. Next week I will fix all the thinghs and post update.


As I wrote, I am new here but 3k€ sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You should go for it!


Just wanted to pop on here to wish you well man. I hope all possible treatments are offered to you and you have a fast recovery. Fight on! Seriously, FUCK CANCER.


Thanks! :smiley:
Next Build Name: FUCK CANCER!


Already taken. May I suggest “Nuke Cancer”? :upside_down_face:


Sorry to hear bro. Wish you a fast recovery and good luck on your sale.
Fuck cancer!