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(EU)(BE) Selling Hobby | New and Used | Unity, VX1 remote, cloud wheels, motors, decks, etc

I’m selling everything, all gear is either in new condition or slightly used. Might add more stuff later when time allows.

I’m located in Ghent Belgium, shipping within EU is possible.

Please post a claim on an item under here and PM me after, so it’s clear for the first come first served.

(SOLD) FOCBOX Unity | Slightly used | Comes with metr module | €330

(SOLD) FlipSky VX1 | New in box | €35

Custom Made FlipSky 5055-140Kv motors | New | €90

SlickRevolution Urban 80 | New | Deck with enclosures | €120

(SOLD) Cloudwheels | New | With pulleys | €100

10S3P Samsung 30Q pack | Sligtly used (4 cycles) | with BMS D239 LiTech, made by @pjotr47 | €190

Trucks | New | with wheel covers | €30

11s Charger | New | €15

10s BMS | New | €10


1st on the cloudhweels. Will PM about shipping price.

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@BbsMentos the unity

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I’m 2nd for the cloud wheels if @IVoxuI doesn’t take them.

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What’s custom about the flipsky motors?

Just custom KV

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Trucks, are they china clones? Mounts included in price?

Well they are from the original manufacturer, but indeed from china. Yes everything on the picture is included.

FYI the bolt pattern on those mounts is 30mm so keep that in mind. I modified mine to fit 38mm racestar motors. Took 15 minutes. For the price they are pretty solid.

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Remote and Cloudwheels are gone!

Unity is reserved.

NESE 2s3p Modules | New | WYSIWYG | €30

If you have 6 then that is tempting for me to do

I do have 6, but the last one is printed in black instead of white.


If halbj don’t want them I can have some good use for them. Let Mee know.

So full hardware for all 6?

If so I will take them for 30 as long as shipping isn’t a killer

Notice that all of them are the type of pack that usually goes at the end, where there’s a metal piece for all 6 cells. My NESE pack only has 1 of those; the rest are split 3 and 3, so that I don’t need that red wiring in the pic.

If you buy it, we could maybe trade later, because I have mine in a weird layout where I’d actually benefit from having it done this way. :upside_down_face:

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Yeah sure he can send to you and you can send yours to me

I mainly want these to add another pack to my board so I can end up with more range

Would like to use something like 35e cells but only if I can find for cheap

So not sure if I will take yet

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I’m not in the UK for a while, so later

Might just see if I can just buy one of those 6 piece tabs, it’s all I need really to convert mine to what I want.

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@Halbj613 Will you take them? If not @moon is actually next in line as he DM’d me very shortly after.