(EU based) Looking for SR trucks. TKP 177mm and RKP 200mm

Still do not know which trucks to use for the next build. I need to try them to decide. Looking for both the trucks, possible black, red or raw :slightly_smiling_face:
Always worth it to see if someone is willing to sell them.

Ciao ciao

we need someone in the EU To make some SR clones :wink:

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I actually made my personal truck, that to me is potentially way better. I included some features to fit different riding style. With the hammock it should give the more versatile trucks combo I have seen. Although is a pain in the butt to machine it :laughing: I will install it on the the StormBreaker and try it out.

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I know but then they do not have the tkp anymore so still need to ship them from US. In that case better to ship 2 tucks instead of one.
Anyhow thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got you Alessio! PM incoming


Is https://www.surf-rodz.eu/ working?

yes but they only have tkp 8mm axle (not changeable) and the other model for the RKP

How about another EU-groupbuy? I would be up for those:

yeh they look great and thought about it but I need them for a short deck and those trucks are really wide.