[EU AT] Evolve 5065 Motors, GT Remote, 32T/36T Gears, etc

Have gone DIY on aN Evolve Carbon GT, I am selling out the parts I don’t need. I am also selling some spare parts I have lying around since I have two more Evolve boards.

I’m not insulted by any price offer, just DM me! Also if you want (more) pics of whichever part, just let me know :slight_smile:

All parts can be used for GT/GTX/ONE or even for the GTR.

Evolve 5065 Motors

Original Evolve Motors. Evolve sells them for €150 a piece but I have no clue what’s realistic. They haven’t seen much use. I’d say €150 for both. I also have the mounts and a complete strut and gears and what not (see below) so you could get a complete Evolve drivetrain for €200 or for €250 with gears as well.

Evolve GT Remote

GT Remote (with reverse for V1 ESCs only) including hardcase and one bright fucking LED. €35

Evolve 32T (ABEC) with belts and bearings

Evolve 2 x 32T gears + 2 x Evolve/Gates GT3 250 belts for a 15/32 gearing on Evolve motor mounts (brand new and unused) €60

Evolve 38T (ABEC) with belts and bearings

Evolve 2 x 38T gears (lightly used)+ 2 x Evolve/Gates GT3 265 belts for a 15/38 gearing on Evolve motor mounts €45

BoardBumpers 36T (ABEC) gears

A set of Boardbumpers 36T gears (ABEC). NOT including the belts (for use on Evolve motor mounts you need 255 belts). New and unused. €40

Evolve Rear Strut

Evolve Rear Strut for two motors (used) €15

Evolve Motor mounts/plates (new style)

Evolve Motor mounts/plates, used, 2 x new style, €25/pair

Evolve Motor mounts/plates (old style)

Evolve Motor mounts/plates, used, 2 x old style, €25/pair

  • Evolve 2 x 38T gears (used) €30
  • Evolve 10s 2A charger - €25
2 x Evolve ESC V2 (SOLD)

Evolve ESC V2. I have 1 used (SOLD), 1 new (SOLD). Notice the heatsinks are not included. €140 a pop:

Evolve BMS (SOLD)

Evolve BMS Gen 1 including all cables, also the balancer cable. €80 (SOLD)

Evolve R2 Remote (SOLD)

R2 Remote with hardcase, used. €90 (SOLD)

  • Evolve F1 (Superfly) 107mm Wheels (used but with zero chunking) €100 (SOLD)
  • Evolve 2 x 38T gears (used) €20 (SOLD)
  • Evolve Strut Arm (used) €10 (SOLD)
  • Evolve AT Wheels + 66T gears (SOLD)

EDIT: layout, some sold stuff, wording…

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Is that the price for one or both motors?

a pop= one

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A piece. Edited.

Interested in the remote but I am in Los Angeles. Does the price include shipping? You can send it on the slow boat, I just want it as a backup.

Could include shipping but not to US. Shipping in AT is only about €5, EU about €10 and US about €20. No fast/slow options, makes no price difference, standard insurance+tracking is always included. I figured nobody would want it shipped to US because for the cost it doesn’t really make sense. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get one in the US?

They are $120 plus shipping from Evolve USA. Or rather they would be if they had any. Mine is held together with cable ties after a couple thousand miles and maybe a tumble or three. Don’t sweat it. My build is days from completion and I doubt the Bamboo GTX will get a lot of use once it is done. I’ll be rocking a Hoyt St. bamboo remote after that.

I just realized all you have to do to sell me something is call it bamboo. Meanwhile I keep trying to eradicate the small patch of bamboo growing just outside the block wall around my yard. I keep picturing the wall tumbling into my pool.

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They don’t have them in stock in the EU either. They haven’t had the CGT batteries in stock for a year and a half now… No bushings, no coloured hubs, sometimes I wonder whether they just pretend to sell accessories or they just make 4 of each for a promotional video and then call it a day.

Anyway. If I understand correctly when I glue a piece of Bamboo onto the R2 and call it “Panda-style R2”, you’re in?


I got a good 2000 miles out of my Evolve battery. It is fading fast now. When my build is done I’m going to send the Evolve to @longhairedboy to get a new/better battery. I like the feel of the board.

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Me too, I have two Carbons and a GTX. One of the GTs batteries gave up after 80 cycles, the other two did about 5000km each and are now fading really quickly.

Edited. €150 for both.

Still some stuff available, bump.