Eswitch question

I just swapped out my bypassed bms with a high discharge one link
I just had a question about the eswitch, it seems to work but when the switch isn’t pressed it is outputting 13V, I kinda had it in my head that when the switch isn’t pressed it would essentially break the circuit.
I just wanted to ask if this is meant to happen or have I broken it?

I have one from bestech, also with e-switch. Mine outputs about 2.3V when the switch is in the “OFF” position.

Mines from litech so it might be manufacture differences.
I’m worried that if I leave it, it would completely drain the battery which is no bueno

aren’t those “switched” BMSs just using thermistors or something to trip a safety OFF position when the pack overheats? If that’s what you’re using to turn the BMS on and off you’re going to see a lot more of this. Its why i stopped using them and went after mosfet switches, which also fail notoriously and eventually decided that unity was the way to go.

Are you measuring with your ESC connected or not ? If not it’s probably that the bms capacitors are not yet drained. It takes a while if nothing is connected.

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I’d love to get a unity but I feel like now isn’t the right time with all of the extended shipping times and what not and my lack of capital :frowning:

My controllers aren’t connected so that makes sense, I’m just waiting on a couple of connectors then I can hook everything up and give this a test.

Might be going down a rabbit hole here but how come people don’t use circuit breakers, yeah they’re big but seem reliable?

They burn out faster than XT90-S loop keys. The intrude of current Burns up the copper contact inside of the breaker.