ESKATE TECH -Website is live! :Skateboard:

SHOP IS LIVE :skateboard:


My name is Joel Lindgren and I have for the latest 2 years been setting up a shop selling DIY parts and prebuilt electric skateboards!

The goal with Eskate Tech is to make Eskate more common available in Sweden and EU. We strive to only deliver the best parts for Eskates.

In our shop you will find all DIY parts needed to build your own electric skateboard or buy a Pre-built ready-to-ride eskate to shred the streets ASAP

Our prices are set to ensure we can deliver 1 year warranty and other features included in the sales price

All our packages will be sent out from Skåne,Sweden :sweden::sweden::sweden: We currently only offer shipping inside EU. Delivery time is 5-8 working days.

All our products are delivered with 1 year warranty. This covers any faults occurred due to manufacturing. Inappropriate use of products beyond their specs that causes malfunction won’t be covered by our warranty.

Customer Service
We have full customer service via Email, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

More info over at:

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About the battery pack. What cells are you going with?
Is it charge only BMS?
What’s the price let’s say 10s4p 12s4p single stack flat setup?

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Good luck with your service.

What will be the price for the Kegel aluminium pulley? How many teeth?

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Best of luck!

I’m also interested to know the price of the battery packs :slight_smile:

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Thank you! To start off with we will only sell ABEC-Style pulleys

@Lobap @Chaki

The cells used are Samsung 30Q with High discharge bms. All prices will be released on launch this sunday


It still has not opened

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Finally we have launced Check out our website to see all our products available!

Have Updated the original post!

Hit me up if you have any questions or tips!

The enclosure is a plant undertray?


And available in 7 different colors on Amazon to match your board (or garden). :yum:


The funny thing is i actually use these at home for my plants.
But after a while the plastic gets really brittle and is prone to cracking.


I guess that means they are better suited for esk8 than for plants then?


Not to say bad about his shop but i won’t put my electronics in it.
The Uv from the sun makes it go brittle.


It’s probably meant for those running their boards off green energy, ie electricity produced by plants.


Sorry to say but your price is very overpriced:

Metr module 85euro? you can buy them at them for 45 at them.
Mini Remote 60euro? 60 euro for that dangerous remote? no thanks!
And for a plant undertray 20euro? You can have them in your store next to your house for 5 euro

what brand is your 6374 motor? looks like a chinees cheap motor.

I understand that you have to make profit, but you want to make profit on the wrong items + try to be different, try to do something nobody has done before. This is just the … time a shop start to sell the items all the other stores has too


Oh boy… now thats innovation

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Sorry about the jokes @EskateTech, but with a plant tray for an enclosure I guess you set the table already… As a new vendor, I’d take in all this “critique” and consider if there is anything to reconsider :yum: Giving 1 year warranty on this enclosure, not built for this purpose, is bound to go wrong.


Wow ur pricetags are highest I have seen. Single motor board 10s3p at ~1300USD) that’s a lot. I don’t know how u put ur price tags but it’s hard for me to buy and recommend ur shop.


2 years of hard work and its finally paid off. Keep it up :ok_hand:


Thanks to all who promote me and is looking into my new shop. I can see that not everyone is happy. Opinions on pricing and products is deprecated if it doesn’t contain anything positive. It’s a dull way for them who feel threatened by competition to not find another way to make them self better than to use others. All products is built upon earlier experiences of purchases and building of Eskates. Plenty of trial and error has been necessary to choose these products and to get satisfied customers you must sell good products with good warranties.

I look forward to meeting new people whom just as me are interested in Eskate. Everyone whom are interested in discussing Eskate products are welcomed to contact me. Competitors who just want to use this thread to promote their own business is deprecated.