Eskate Calc help

Am I an idiot?

The calculator wont spit out any numbers?
i’ve tried hitting enter on every input as well as two different browsers?
It also has the battery config as an output?

Works for me every time. Love that calc

Thanks for the input -_- xD

Worked for me perfectly, idk how never found this. Literally has so much information!

Try a different browser, or two. Worked fine for me on Chrome

It got my miles an hour wrong by a factor of 10 but that is probably my fault somewhere

It was. Woops 4x 12s packs is not right

You seem to have much less options.

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try this one

It looks like it’s not showing anything because it has no idea of your battery setup because it’s missing some input values. no idea why.

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Does not have the same options

Did you scroll down the whole way?

Once you finished input the info, click the other side so the page use the values…

Try the one on the banner

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play around with the battery options, try switching between li ion and lipo and the rest of the options might pop up.

Tried that and it didnt work
All three browsers do the same thing
Im going to clear cookies and check again

There is one linked at the top :wink:

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ooh, even nicer.

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@b264 @thisguyhere

For these, how do I work out things like range with 2wd/4wd?

Just lower my efficiency?

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Yes. Also pneumatic tires require to lower that also.


What’s the general consensus on single vs dual efficiency?

efficiency of single drive ~90% (belt friction, motor heat etc)
dual drive .9*.9 = .81? +> ~81%

pulled the 90% out of my ass but thats my thought process
First order effects will definitely be in this ballpark (belt friction, motor heat)

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Personal opinion is more moving parts involved is more loss in friction but driving each motor with half the amps so less loss electrically, guess is friction wins though can’t recall seeing this tested directly.

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I figured it out. Turn off adblock or ghostery.