ESK8 PArt Shops

Hi fellow ESK8ers Can the community get together and Liknk ESK8 parts shops
US: bla bla bla
Europe: Nice nice nice
and so on

I think that i’m not the only one in need of some web shop to get parts.
Help a brother out
Thank U. :slight_smile: :kissing_heart:

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This is basically what you want I think. It hasn’t been migrated from the other forum yet.

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Would be nice if a mod turned this post into a wiki. Then someone could copy paste the links from

as well.

Yes that what’s needed for the wellfare of the hobby

Come on!! Make this happened!!!

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This is no more a “hobby” for some of us than “minivan driving” is a hobby for a soccer mom.

It’s just transportation.


So u like Esk8 as mutch as u like soocer mom’s?

I know you hate cars because it damages our environment, but do any of your boards tell you the amount of carbon emissions you are saving instead of driving?