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esk8 birmingham - first group ride of lockdown

if your an Birmingham electric skateboard rider from the UK and can attend rides
Join us


Which Birmingham is this? There’s like 5 :smile:.


the way they sound… they’re not far from you!!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


Wouldn’t that be nice :smile:

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I feel the interchange in verbal communication would lead to hilarious miss-adventures…

definitely @kook approved…

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No doubt, and I could call someone a cunt with it being a damned national incident :smile:


my 3rd or 4th favorite word… depending on if the GF is within earshot…

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True story, me too :smile:.

I will never call my wife that within ear shot. If I did, that would be imeadiately followed up by the arrival of homicide detectives :smile:.

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why are wimmens so inherently predisposed to disposing of decomposing bodies… They attract me… but I fear their wrath!

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My wife is from a long line if hillbilly moonshiners. Best guess, i would be eaten by pigs :smile:.


she’s a keeper… kin she make some tasty shine?

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OK… time out for a @kook story…

I’m sent to the sand… the big sand… saudi…
I do NOT belong there
I’m seconded to mitsubishi… technology transfer, global money mongering… no one wants me there… especially the sub…

eric was his name… a japanese constuction manager educated at Stanford… yep that one…

he didn’t want me there… I was a contract obligation… I showed up…
he asked my plans…

I told him i’d help him if he asked me, otherwise, there was no need in communication…

he asked me my plans since he’d bought me for a year…

and I told him straight-fucking-faced…

I’m gonna make the best fukkin booze the sand has ever seen…

we got along famously… only 2-3 times did I have to tell him they were way fukked up…


Yeah, she is. Unfortunately no :frowning:.

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the best one… UK hahaha

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we have a unique vocabulary

miss adventures is what we do!! All welcome to join us anytime, jsut ask people only join the whatsapp group if they can attend(had several people join from all over the world which is not what we are looking to do)