Enertion nanox charge port broke

Hi this just happened to my nanox while charging it


did you really post this on both forums?


Yeah why not

It’s annoying. Clearly you saw the results: enertion forum responded with enertion reply from enertion team member. Why post it here and tag an enertion rep? This is an enertion specific issue best suited for enertion support.



You broke your remote. Dont tag enertion, come to think of it, why even make a thread? Do you understand what topics are for?

I didn’t tweet Mercedes when I drove my dad’s brand new car into a wall outside a strip club. I accepted that I am an idiot and had it fixed after my lapdance and $60 beer.


You kept the price of the beer low otherwise you would have forgotten you were the idiot of the situation XD I went to my favorite bar and had forgotten my wallet at home. Made myself a 525$ tab, came to pay while drunk as hell…no wallet…police report and a bad headache when I got home and saw my wallet on my desk

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No mate. That was just a single beer.

Yup my point exactly. My tab was for 6 drinks

Do what I did becuase the same thing happend 2 minutes ago, send the a PM and they will resolve it.

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face palm.

Put a needle tip on your soldering iron and fix it.

Or bring me beer and I’ll fix it. ITs like a 15minute fix, with most of that time being spent dropping screws and looking for them while the soldering iron heats up and my 4 year old demands to be able to mix play dough and salt water.

every nano-x ever has broken its charge port. Happened to me a few weeks ago. Also, @NullReference is bringing me beer this weekend to fix his.

You know what… If anyone on these forums in central florida has a broken usb port on their nano-x bring it to me with a case of beer and i’ll fix it.

This should set me up with beer for life.


@longhairedboy I’m about to ruin your new business venture with this link. Sorry bud.

NetDot Gen10 Micro USB Nylon Braided Magnetic Fast Charging Cable with Side LED Compatible with Android Device(3.3ft/3 Pack Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JYZCPLG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3u7hDbBY1KV20

Use these. Never break off your charge port again. You’re welcome.


Super rekt


Between me and my beer is a dangerous place, my friend.


After @longhairedboy fixes my remote, I’m definitely getting one of those.

Although hopefully the best fix is Enertion comes out with the Focbox pilot soon. Or the midnight puck from Hoyt St. I’m not picky.

Kind service you offer. Everybody should better glue is chargeport. Just some little bit off hotglue fix the issue forever.

Went to fix my brothers all the pads actually broke off.

I dont think theres any fix for that.

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You can scrape off the insulation on the pcb traces and solder. Or if that’s not gonna work, find the other end of the traces, and solder a thin wire. Not ideal for sure but should be able to get thing going.

EDIT you only need 2 connetions to charge. Can skip the data pins.



Hot glue then add a magnetic connector.