Enertion Focbox X2 US only

I have two Focboxes from my raptor 2 for sale. These work great. They come with a connection cable and a Bluetooth connector. They are version 1.6.

US only
$240 shipped for both


Ah man… i was excited when I saw the post…

Whats stole the excitement? @TheRef Oh youre in canada or something right? You want me to smuggle em cross the border or somin?

If you are in Canada, I can pay $10 towards the shipping. It will need to be tracked and insured though. I have had packages damaged or items lost before when going to Canada.

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No I’m in the states… I just don’t think they are worth that price… granted things have gotten a bit more pricey due to shortages… for this price you can get v6 hardware. GLWS they are a good esc…

Price drop, $240 shipped for both

did u sell ?

@mikEEE These are still available

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