Enclosures with captive inserts?

Hi Guys,
Im looking for something like this: https://www.meepoboard.com/collections/parts-accessories/products/esc-case-for-campus-2-awd-gt

An enclosure with built in threaded inserts that can fit a 12s2p battery and an esc.

I don’t think the Meepo one I linked can fit my battery and esc. It would need to be about 12 inches in length and the height of 2 18650 cells stacked on top of each other. It also needs to be shorter than 23 inches in length.

Any ideas?

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If your budget can extend a bit, get a proper enclosure and have the inserts in the deck instead.

I don’t mind spending a bit more. 150 is probably my ceiling, but Im trying to move away from having the inserts in the deck since I swap boards a lot and it makes it pretty inconvenient if I have to measure, drill precise holes, screw inserts etc. Hence why I’m asking for ones with captive inserts

Ideally it would also have a bottom cover so that the unit can be sealed in itself. That was I don’t have to worry about gaps between the deck and enclosure. Different boards have different shape/concave.


It’s unlikely you can find an enclosure with threaded inserts. I would recommend getting a Pelican case or similar hard plastic case and epoxying insets inside of it. I can make you a 12s2p pack to go in it if you can find an appropriate sized case

Something like this would work


Although I do not like these enclosures (I have one) or the company personally (true for many of us), I believe this might be what you want.

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I used a Verreal f1 enclosure that had built in threads. Didn’t love drilling through the deck but it’s an all metal enclosure and does the job for cheap.

Double check measurements but I believe it should fit.

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Thanks for this mate! A metal enclosure was also a secret wish I had for this post.

I think for my battery to fit, Id have to reconfigure it as a one stack. It looks like the height is short by .6cm for my double stack. I suppose I could learn how to do that.

Does it come with scews? If not what size are they exactly? Standard skateboard 10-32 thread?

Do you have any pics of the inside?

Components Included:

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  • Enlosure Outer Dimensions = 678mm length * 193mm width * 288mm thickness
  • Battery Hold Dimensions = 410mm length * 145mm width * 21mm thickness
  • Enclsoure Weight: 0.69kg

Thanks for your reply @BillGordon, I was actually trying to reply to @Venom121212.

I like the one you linked, but It wouldn’t fit in my wheel base of 59cm.

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I don’t recall it coming with bolts but I’ll check size when I get home.

6mm… You might be able to use a rubber/silicone gasket around it to get that extra space back.

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Looks like I used M3 bolts