Eleanor/ First esk8

Deck- landyachtz evo 40"

Trucks- psychotiller hexl TKP 240mm
Motor mounts- psychotiller mounts
Wheels- trampa superstar hubs with 6.5" tyres
Pullys and belts- 14t / 62t with 350mm belts
Enclosure- evo enclosure from eboosted
Battery- 12s4p from Mboards
Remote- benchwheel diy remote+reciver
Speed controller- focbox unity
Motors- duel 6369 200kv maytechs


Dude this is a sweet looking build! Nice one! Im in Melbourne and can sort you out with a battery for your next build rather than buying from OS :call_me_hand:


Will defiantly hit up a Aussie battery builder next time👍 I’m in NSW but moving to the Gold Coast soon. Battery was one of the 1st things i got and didnt really know what i was doing ( i still dont ) had a hell of a time getting it to fit in the slim enclosure

I really like hex look on the Evo man, makes it unique :+1::+1:


Cheers man, appreciate it. There was a few hours involved in that


You got @TinnieSinker up in QLD, he should be able to sort you out :call_me_hand:


Nice build! If you ever need another battery we have a ton of local builders here in Aus, e.g. Melbourne mate Liam Evangelista does excellent packs for us Sydney peeps :ok_hand:


Coming in strong! That thing is tight. Thanks for sharing it with us.


If you get a chance, shoot his details over in the Australia Resource Wiki thread and we’ll add him to the battery builders section.


He’s already there :call_me_hand: @Tony_Stark

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Ahh, ok. Should have known you’d be on it. Thanks.

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May need to rework the motor mounts. Between the 62t/14t pulleys and ~70mm from pulley centre to centre it only gives me a few teeth of contact on the motor pulley meaning i get a belt slip when applying brakes.
The wheel pulley fouls on 1 of the 4 motor screws and the belt runs along the head of another screw ( maybe a pan head bolt will that one)

I have looked at the boardnamic mount with a idler and 90mm centres for the pulleys but after reading more i think the idler may hit the wheel pulley.

Any suggestions to fix this??

Go up to 16t on the motor pulley, 14 is too small imo


I went 14t because of the hills around my area and i dont need the top speed since im new to riding, also the motors are already adjusted right back on the 14t so 16t could require longer belts

Yeah you should still have plenty of torque with 16/62 I mean heck I run 20/60 on 6inch with plenty of torque. And belts are pretty cheap. That would be my opinion on how to fix the slippage

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I’d take the advice of @Kellag and if the board doesn’t have enough torque I’d look in to possibly trading your motors or selling them to get a lower kv to maintain the torque you seek. 14t on the motor is tiny and will likely be frustrating to use in your configuration.


Looks like 6365 to me

They are called 6365 and marked as that but where i got them from they are called 6369. They are longer then 65mm

May have found a solution to 2 of the issues from above.
If i change the top bolt to a longer one and bolt on 3 bearings ID:4mm OD:13mm w:5mm the belt wont rub on the bolt head and it will act as a ideler hopfully stopping the belt slip and the belt has enough length to do so i think.