eFlowboard/Street Snowboard progress pics

I’m waiting for a 14 tooth cog from Boardnamics. There’s also a mounting plate for a disc brake in the mail somewhere, as well as a final few pieces of electronics. I just need to determine what length belt i need then i’ll dive into my first ever attempt at mounting and hooking up the battery and electronics to the motor. I hope the challenges and problems solved up to this point in the build dont end up being the easy part when all is said and done!



This is just a suggestion, but i think it would be easier to follow your progress on this project if you posted all your pictures in one thread instead of making like a dozen individual threads for the different stages. Maybe just keep replying to this thread with new pics when you make progress so people can look through it all at once.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I actually wondered about that and was going to ask some random person, so yeah, will do!

I’m about to attempt to hook up the electronics to my eFlowboard. Can anyone direct me to a noob tutorial? I’m a bit boggled as to how the fesc battery and motor wires connect. For instance do i need a female XT 60 connector soldered onto the two fesc wires that have a glob of solder on the ends? I have three gold barrels that i believe came with the esc that appear to be connectors that slide onto the bullet connectors of the motor. I’m perplexed by the semi-circular ends with about an eigth inch of the barrel cut down on one side. Do i need to solder the ends of the three black esc motor wires into those receptacles? I’m including a picture of one the barrels.

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Yes put an xt60 male (the one with the prongs) on the esc red and black wires.

You are correct about the bullet connectors. The cut side is where the wire is soldered in.

Don’t forget flux and heat shrink.

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Hot tip don’t let the bullet connectors/phases short or it will blow the vesc up.

Trying to reduce the cable strain on the tiny motor sensor connector can be tough, failed sensors can mess up a ride if you have no bluetooth.

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@mmachen the bullets on the motor look to be bigger than the ones that came with the esc. Check the fitment before you solder them.

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They fit snuggly, thanks JOker.


How will i know if i have a blown vesc? Right after i posted my querry my neighbor came over and touched the black and red vesc battery wires to the male XT60 connecter which resulted in a loudish snap and spark. He immediately assured me that he touched black to black and red to red but i think he was just trying to cover his ass. He acknowledged the fact that he may have just “broke something” and i told him not to worry about it, adding that the FSESC must have some fail safes built in.

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Awesome. Thanks JO!

If you don’t see any lights on the esc when you plug in the battery, it’s dead.

Awesome, thank you!

Be forwarned you have a neighbor somewhat like myself.

Don’t forget you have that metal key stuck to your motor, if you spin it up it could go flying and break something.

Uhoh, well i’ll be leery of him then! :wink:
Thanks for the headsup! I appreciate you helping me avoid a possible injury.

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I’m ready to use the vesc tool but it’s stuck in scanning mode. I have the blue tooth receiver connected. I know that the red, white, and black harness goes to a receiver but i dont know that i have it. Is that the little board with 6 prongs that came with the remote? Also, i cant figure out where on the esc the that connects. It looks like it needs to ne soldered on.

My phone finally connected to the esc. That feels like a minor victory.

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Ok so i figured a few things out for myself. I learned which port the receiver plugs into after i found the 4 wire harness with 7 pin plugs. Theres only one 7 pin port on the mini FSESC2.40 single and im unsure of where to plug the bluetooth module. Do i need to get a 6 pin plug for it and put into the SWD port?

There are some abbreviations of terms on the diagram that im unfamiliar with. There are four- Can, Sense, Comm, and SWD. Sense and comm are pretty obvious but i dont know what Can and SWD mean. Im guessing its what the on/off switch plugs into. Can someone please clue me in to what the SWD port is for? Also, im wondering what the mini usb port is for. Lastly, where does the battery level meter plug go?

CAN - Short for CANBUS. Its a method of interfacing devices so they can talk to each other i.e - other ESC’s, telemetry gathering devices etc.

SWD - Programming port - used to upload boot loaders to the device from another device or vice versa - you won’t need this.

ON/OFF switch depends on what ESC and if it has the circuitry to handle that.

Mini USB port. Communicating with your ESC Via a computer using Benjamin Vedders VESC Tool. You will need to do this to configure your ESC


The port your receiver is plugging into is the UART port. This is also the same port the bluetooth module will need.

There is an adapter (usplit) that will split your UART port so that you can use multiple uart devices, but it is not recommended to run a remote receiver through it.

My suggestion would be to use a PPM remote like the Hoyt Puck, to free up your UART port for the bluetooth module.

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