Eboosted enclosure evo 40 owners

looking to see what hardware and inserts you used eboosted said it needs 25mm but I think that’s because his inserts go all the way threw the deck deckoz master evo build I believe used 10mm inserts and 20mm hardware

I used M4x20 with some cup washers and 10mm inserts

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I’d go 16 or 18mm m4 with 10mm m4 stainless steel inserts.


is zinc inserts no good and is 16mm plenty of length thats quite a bit shorter than all the rest ive heard of using

It depends on whether you use the rubber gasket, which is quite thick, or not.
I used 25mm countersunk screws on mine with the rubber gasket and beveled washers.
Keep in mind that depending on the type of screw the measurement is different.
In countersunk screws the length refers to the whole screw including the head as opposed to cap screws where only the shaft is measured.


ahh i wasnt aware im going to use a window/door seal from an autoparts store with countersunk m4 hex screws and for countersunk hardware

@Linny what did you use

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I use a 25mm countersink screw with a flat washer. Fits well

10mm inserts