duty cycle current limit Help

So finished my first diy build and am super happy with everything but … im getting wobbles at top speed. But not speed wobbles, I believe it is my Duty cycle current limit. I have a mac, No smart phone so found a friend with a non i phone and used unity app as nice fast simple set up. It works great but Can not find a setting for Duty cycle current limit and want top speed No strange wobbles. Can i change it with this app? NO Vesc tool app available Here ( Jersey channel islands UK ) … I have down loaded variEsc on to my mac , would it be possible to connect and keep all the settings and just change D.C.C.L to 85% Many thanks Rob

Not sure if it’s in the unity app, but it will be in the vesc tool app. maybe give it a go. not sure if you’ll need to flash different firmware on though…

No vesc tool app here in Jersey uk, Not sure why just states Not available in this location.

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Releases · rpasichnyk/vesc_tool · GitHub


Thank you

When you finally get in to vesc tool,

You want to go to the motor config tab, then general, advanced, and it will be towards the bottom.

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when i connect to the vesc tool If i press the Read motor config button will this apply my current setup to the tool so i can just then change duty cycle current limit and re save/apply ?

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Yep! If you are using a dual esc, make sure you connect to the other side and apply the same setting.

That is on the start page under CAN forwarding. Scan and it will show you the other side of your esc. Do the same thing reading the config and applying again and you’ll be good to go.


If you set it up in the unity app I think you will have to flash different firmware if using Vesc tool. At least I always have. (If you don’t have to please someone let me know) flashing new firmware will erase all settings. Also if you set up in the unity app it shouldn’t be a duty cycle problem. iirc duty cycle problem is only in 5.1


Ted swooping in with the right answers.

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Think it was 23.41 firmware … Not sure what else it could be other than duty cycle. It runs great until hitting top speed then its as if the motors try to beat each other making a sudden wobble.

Could it be that i not having turned on traction control ?

23.46 FW is the most recent if you flashed using the unity. It is the most recent firmware on a unity that allowed no messing with the duty cycle current limit start and ran fine. 5.0 and 5.1 definitely have the issue.

I thought it was traction control issues at first as well but it provided no fix and I still would get weird motor wobbles only near full throttle which is shit your pants level fun.

Personally, I would only use 23.46 FW on a unity because it’s the only version that relieves the DCCLS issue.

@TheRef I’ve changed motor config settings on a unity with 23.46 software using vesc tool once by accident (rarely used board) and it applied the motor amp change fine. It popped up a firmware update message that I ignored. I wouldn’t recommend or trust it and rewrote the setting later on using unity app when I realized but worth noting I suppose.


I don’t know anyone that uses traction control personally.

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Duly Noted

Was not up for any more shit your pants level fun so used a vesc tool from a link that zzoko gave it was 5.2 firmware had reflash the unity and re config everything. Just been out for a zoom and ALL GOOD …a little less bite than before at 85% duty but No weird wobbles at top speed. Thank you


All sorted re done on vesc tool , duty at 85% weird wobbles all gone , Thanks

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Oh you will though lol. Most people tend to want more and more out of their boards when they get more comfortable. Not that there is anything wrong with doing less than 30 mph lol.

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Yes this is unfortunate… but tis the human nature. I’m gonna let anyone that doesn’t know into a lil secret… wrecks hurt more the faster you are going :joy::joy: and yet it has never stopped me.