Duality Trucks by Tito Systems [US]

Is this with or without holding a water bottle?

First ride! Still scraping the enclosure slightly with a 6mm riser. Might throw 9’s on this


wITHout - maybe that will help! I’ll make a mount for it on the front lol

I really appreciate that this question was asked, considering I have to convince myself almost daily that I don’t need to try out these trucks.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely respect your opinion since I’m looking for the same exact kind of performance out of my current channel trucks. I also started with the MBS M2 trucks and have been migrating over to the BN channels.

In regards to your M2/BN channel setups, I’m wondering if it would be helpful to differentiate between preload and soft bushings. When I say that I like loose channels, I only mean soft bushings, not zero preload.

It looks like the softest bushings you used was the white RT bushings on the front. Have you ever tried the blue RT bushings with normal preload? In my experience, using soft bushings provides lots of lean angle and maintaining normal preload pressure prevents wobbles that can start right at the center position.

I’m have BN channels on my 18s Flux that are set up as described above and have been able to hit 40-42mph consistently without any wobbles. They feel great, but all this feedback has me feeling like I need to chase this new Duality hype.

on which board? what bushings you running?

The naz one that I’m racing in LB for mod, it’s the wine red in the front and white in the rear

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93A up front, 87A in the back???

With how much the front turns you wouldn’t think it was 93a, also, I didn’t know it was harder tbh lol I thought wine red was softer

also rn its 45 degrees effective front and 20 degrees rear

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I was confused about this too. Baseplates are swapped including harder bushings in the front.

You referenced the lack of lean in your setup. When you swap baseplates (and bushings) your setup will be so much better. Final angles 35/15 or 30/15


It’s funny. We added up our angles last night and his is almost double Nothing Fancy on both the front and back

We then realized we did math wrong, but :shushing_face:


@tuckjohn what bushings and final angle are you at? same question for @jack.luis

With the BN channels I had to add a lot of preload to not wobble even earlier with white front green rear. I guess this is because the bushings are closer together compared to matrix ii. It’s only the matrix ii setup that I ran without preload, but I didn’t have any stability issues to the low top speed of that board.

On the BN it was a combination of so much preload and lean that the bushings are actually forming stress lines, because they are bending too much (more than intended).

But on the BN setup it felt great up to around 25, and I had stability issues from around 28-30, which got real bad by 33-35

I also needed to add a lot of risers (3/4 front 1/2 inch back) as the Haero deck didn’t allow them to lean far enough. I think the risers probably had quite a bit to do with the instability of the BN setup - but I like infinite deck lean, and without them I couldn’t get enough lean, just hangers hitting the deck.

This is how much lean I absolutely needed to have in the back and I had a bit more on the front.

I have not tried the blue bushings, but I would not have benefited from them in the BN setup anyways because I already was running a lot of preload. And don’t forget that I am on bindings / heelstraps so I have much more leverage

The hanger bite and the ride height problem got solved by shifting the axles outward a bit on the dualities compared to the bn channels. And I didn’t need to add any risers in order to avoid clearance problems on the dualities.

I am running the standard angles ie 30 front 15 rear. They feel as if they have more turn for the same amount of angles compared to channel trucks but I don’t see where that’s coming from in the geometry.

On the dualities I have taken out the front the lean stopper completely (I allow 33 degree lean instead of 25). And also taken out the rear lean stopper but added it back mostly by stacking washer under the screw. This just makes sure that I can’t lean far enough that the motors hit the pivot arm. I also shifted the gear drives outward by 8mm each side to delay the motors hitting the pivot arm. You normally don’t have to do this on the wider 300mm hangers, but I am using 95 length motors with a 3mm extra spacer effectively making them 98mm long.

I can have roughly the same amount of lean in the back as I had on the BN channels, and more lean in the front as currently setup. However I don’t need to run risers.

Removing the lean stopper is not recommended by Tito but I did it anyways

Taking out the lean stopper is something that I did by myself and this was not something recommended by Tito. I am also not supposed to run chubbies if I take out the lean stopper, because the bushing seat’s clearance is designed for chubbies at 25 degree max lean.

I am using APS formula bushings which can get damaged from too much lean over time according to Tito. 92.5A all around, tall barrels front tall chubbies rear. Mine are not showing any signs of damage but I also don’t have a lot of miles on them yet. The rear chubbies show signs that they were touching the bushing seats on the hanger but that’s expected if run without the lean stopper.

I am actually considering trying out 25/10 final angles to have even more deck lean.

Honestly it sounds like the BN channels are working out for you much more than they were for me. I think this might be because you don’t run bindings on it and the stock deck lean was enough without risers?

But if you have the chance to try out the Dualities do it for sure! You will absolutely love them if you like loose channels.

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Definitely swap baseplates and bushings. I am running 30/15 and I am thinking about going even lower (probably trying 25/10 next). They aren’t just RKPs you are not supposed to run the same angles as those.

Yeah well I didn’t have instructions when I first set them up so I made assumptions haha

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:clap: :clap: :clap:


On the street, they feel so great,
On the track, they dominate.

At high speed, they’re pure delight,
Going slow, they still feel right.

Perfect trucks for every board,
For riders seeking fun restored.


Nice action shot of @tuckjohn on “nothing fancy” :camera::@s_m_l_s


@ShutterShock on “something simple”


Here’s a video of @MacKeeper28 taking the 1st place prize at the DC Season Opener esk8 race on the Rocinante with Tito Duality trucks installed (+15° front / +0° rear). Apologies in advance for filming in portrait.


I raced with Teddy at esk8con, he’s a great rider!