DRV fault and how to correct?


My Stormcore 60D threw a DRV fault and I am curious to what I should be looking at in order to correct the fault

Rayne Demonseed
Reacher Tech v4 6385’s
12s5p p42a pack

looks like current shot up to 179.6 on one side of the motors, if ur absolute max is only at 150, then that’s why it threw the fault.

this is “probably” a non issue, but i will let other more experienced rider chime in


Odd considering at the time of riding my absolute max was set to 190a for both motors. However it only being to one side plus everything still works as it should, I can see it being a non-issue.

I am very inexperienced in this type of trouble shooting however and do not no what to be watching for

Your phases properly insulated? Phase shorts can cause drv faults


Not just shorts, but also if a phase wire connection is loose it can cause DRV faults


Yep loose connections can arc and give similar results. Forgot about that one :grin:


This is probably the most likely culprit due to my long motor cables and very little usable space. I will take off the enclosure tomorrow and give it all a good check.

Is it bad practice or destructive to swap stock motor wires? Does it depend on the motor?

Some motor wires are actually extensions of the enameled motor windings in the motor and are nearly impossible to solder to. So if you have stiff motor wires then you definitely don’t want to be changing those. If they’re flexible copper-stranded silicon wire though, then feel free to cut them shorter.

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Nah not impossible, just a pain. Nothing a wire wheel on the dremel and some persistence can’t fix.


Do Americans know what a Dremel is?


pretty sure they do

I’ll take this personally.


@Evwan put his livelihood on the line just to own one. I peer pressured him into it.


You don’t give us enough credit!!

This is why I have held off. I am not very confident with a soldering iron. I will have to figure out a better way to run cables. Probably electrical tape each connection point for extra measure

Electrical tape is a very poor choice. Describe the exact circumstances and we can suggest something that will work 10x better

I’m stuck to using adapters between the esc and motors. just need to make the connections between bullet connects better. Use something to just go over where the onnectors meet

You need solder. You don’t want to be at pace and have a phase disconnect

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Why would I use solder when just trying to cover up any bare metal. I’m guessing the short is caused from exposed connector from heat shrink getting moved or damaged

Not sure I understand what you are trying to do, if you have bullet connectors already why not use heat shrink?