Downgrading VESC firmware through iPhone App?

Hey guys, still figuring this whole VESC thing out.

I upgraded the firmware on my FOCBOX Unity, using the iPhone VESC Tool app.
All went well but did t realize my Davega wouldn’t support this newer version.
Anyone know how to downgrade from the iPhone app??
Don’t have access to a computer currently to use the full program, only the iPhone App…

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What VESC fw are you running? I’m using 5.3 without any issues on my Davega

You can’t downgrade the app. But if you download the older firmwares you can flash them manually. I would recommend hard wiring with a usb tho vs Bluetooth just to be on the safe side.

From what I understand the new DavegaX can do the newer firmware but the older Davega can’t go above 5.02…

Have you updated the davega Firmware?


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Yeah, old DAVEGA hardware can definitely support VESC FW 5.03… as long as you update the DAVEGA firmware.

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