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Does this sound like a problem?

I just finished this build and after the 4th ride I noticed that there is a humming/vibrating sound(not good at describing sounds) coming from the motors.
dual flipsky 6355 motors that I used for more than a year with no issues.
fsesc that I used for more than a year with no issues.
new 12s2p.

bench test with&without belts attached. can be heard when the motor reaches full speed.

There doesn’t seem to be any performance related issues. acceleration and breaking are smooth.
What do yall think? Am I just being too paranoid because its a new build?

Sounds fine to me; might just be a little bit of resonance :man_shrugging:


Sounds fine to me, some builds make noise, others don’t, and pulling my hair out to figure out why is an activity I MOSTLY gave up a long time ago.

But then the perfectionist comes back out and says “sounds like maybe belt rubbing on wheel pulley flange” and proceeds to ask if noise is present without left belt? Without right belt? Under load?


that sounds clean to me.

Thank you I think Ill avoid the going down the rabbit hole. atleast for now.

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