Does Boosted run BLDC?

So today while I was out running errands, a guy on a boosted board rode past me. The board is very loud, especially when accelerating. Is it possible that these boards run BLDC considering the sound?

I’m pretty sure it’s sensored bldc or something because I remember reading that they used an AS5047 Encoders…


Im pretty sure they do not run bldc, look for this same question in the other forum

They use and AS5133 Encoder. As minimum they did. Can’t say about new models.

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Can we please focus our attention to the real issue at hand:


The sound you heard was HTD3M.


Plus their custom esc

It makes the motors create a sound that is different to if you were using a vesc (vesc is high pitched)

My only experience with 3m was pretty quiet. It was the silly high kv motors that whined like a little bitch.

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Mic drop. close thread

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You sure it was the motor? :thinking::joy:


too tight HTD3Ms, I use idlers on mine and without high load they are dead silent.

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