Do TRAMPAs need more heatsinking?

just wondered if anybody adds extra heatsinking to their tamprs’s, would like to add some more heatsinkig for as longer life?

If you’re running a stock trampa with Vesc 6 and 63mm motors, no. I never had any heat issues with my vesc 6’s until I put on dem 80mm motors. At that point I had to add extra heatsinks

2* trampa vesc 6

I’ve just ordered 6374 motors so they should be all good?

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yes, vesc can work with lot of motor ! (quad- ebike - scooter - robot. etc etc)
Yours will be perfectly fine.

Yeah you should be good without additional heat sink if you run 63xx motors and don’t drive as crazy as @pjotr47 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No extra cooling needed!
VESC6 is King.



Haha it is just a easy way to mount the vesc good in that enclosure + cool them like helll

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