DIY speedboard/bikeboard/handlebarless scooter/2wheel skateboard thing

The currect ESC is the cheapest I could find I belive its a LingYi ESC (yes I am aware of their reputation) It was brought for another project but since I had it I chucked it on here.

After an awful lot of googling I figurd out I can adjust the braking force and it was set to 3/4 no wonder it felt lethal Ive lost daylight so testing will be another day.

I also intend to disconnect the frount wheel and see if it feels different like that at some point presuming it has enough power to get me to a decent speed with one wheel.

Its good to know that a decent ESC can be programmed like that if/when I decide to upgrade.

Every single ride Im gaining confidence/ability and learning a little.

A few more rides has convinced me that this can be made ridable so while I was waiting on a new tyre and tube for the frount wheel I have been working on the pivot “situation”.

Currently all the Pivots are 5mm drilled holes with a M5 bolt acting as a pin. Aside from the fact that this setup has developed a whole load of play already Im pretty sure all the friction is hampering amy riding efforts.

So I quickly printed up two new linkages They certainly seemed strong enough from my highly scientific test of jumping up and down on the board , but they were not stiff enough to prevent the motor from spinning in the drop-out. DOH!

Since they were ever going to be a prototype at best I gave up on this idea and went back to what I know best Machining.
I couldnt find anything readily availible thats was a reasonable cost and suitable so I guess Im making my own.
I happened to have some 660 bronze (high lead content bearing bronze) in stock so the frount pivots will be made of that. Think Im going to try nylon for the rear bushes although I suspect it may end up being too soft.

So I drilled out the current 5mm hole to 6mm and Machined up some bushes

These are carefully machined to be a press fit.

Everything will be cleaned and re-sprayed before final assembly , You dont realise how bad it looks until you take a close up photo.

Repeat all of that for both and voila

Add a internally threaded pin hopefully it will be strong enough.

The plan was do do the final sizing of the hole in situ with a reamer to ensure concentricity but I dont actually have a 5mm reamer . So now thats on order as well Along with some ground 5mm steel to make the pins for the rear pivots since these are the longest I could find and they are not long enough for the rears.

Hopefully with all that done I should end up with a nice slop-free smooth steering system.



The linkages aalready provide a self centreing effect with a spring.