DIY-ideas for torqueboards dd motor kegel adapter

Cheers guys and gals,
i’m looking for alternative ideas for an adapter for the above-mentioned motor. The original, that i could order from tb, would be 140€, taxes not included. Can’t do that.

Maybe someone has got an idea if other manufacturers adapters can be utilised or modded.

Possible idea would be to find a steal-kegel-adapter and to weld its non matching holes shut. Afterwards i’d drill new holes at the corresponding places.

Other ideas welcome!


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I’m not exactly following your plan but my initial take would be to 3d print an adapter rather than potentially modding/ruining your nice drives.

Another long shot is some kind of group buy to your area to reduce shipping costs.

I’d never lay hands on the drive, but on adapters let’s say from esk8supply or other shops. I’d just drill the correct holes in the adapter (welding the old holes shut to not weaken the part) and make it fit the drive. So far the plan.