DIY External Hall Sensor Guide?

Hey peeps does anyone know of any guides on building your own external hall sensor setup? I didn’t see any around here. If you know of any good guides drop them here or drop some info if you have it. Thanks!

What’s the chip that gives really high resolution?
This? AS5047D
Do I need to stick some small magnets to the can of the motor?
How to setup in vesc tool?
All the deets.


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This was on other forum.

I see the alien power systems has hall pcbs back in stock. I’ve been wanting to “re-encode” my busted halls.

I’ve been wondering this too, been thinking of upgrades and the as5047 would be one of them, though I haven’t been able to find any guides or videos on detailed installation or set-up of these things. More torque from start pls.