Dissolving Urethane?

Long story short I’m trying to salvage the pulleys from the original boosted v1 wheels, and can’t manage to unscrew it (the metal tubes just twist in place).

I took a Dremel and a hammer to one wheels with little success, so I’m looking for other methods.

Are there any solvents for urethane / the wheel core that would leave me with the metal pulleys? I don’t feel like coughing up $100+ for those aftermarket hdt3m pulleys…

(Yes I busted the metal ring on the wheel I took a hammer to… That part is easy enough to replace… :sweat_smile:)


Will that work without harming the pulley? I have access to acetone and MEK

Have you tried fire?


I’m not opposed to it… I guess it would work?

I guess that’s my last resort

What about just cutting the bolts?

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I can’t, it’s all pretty much inside the concave area of the wheel… Can’t fit my Dremel in there :thinking:

I would just slice it in half if I could, but I want to preserve the metal pieces that go through the wheel for my caguama upgrade

maybe get it really hot and it will soften enough you can rip them out


Urethane kinda sorta melts in the oven, but it gets fumey.

And by melts, I mean it gets gooey, but it doesn’t really flow. But it would probably be enough to get that part off.

If I remember correctly, it didn’t take much over 300F to get things going with it, and that should be low enough not to mess with the structure of the metal I think.

As for solvents, no. Nothing really there for that.

Why not drill out those bolts/nuts?
Btw make sure you wont inhale the fumes from heating up urethane. Very toxic…

I feel like a sawzall is the solution here

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Just put it in the microwave for like 20 minutes


lmao, goodbye microwave lol.


Followed your advice. Now my banana is stuck in the toaster


First mistake


Don’t try to melt urethane with heat. The stuff in wheels is a thermoset it doesn’t melt.

You’re not going to be able to desolve it with anything that’s safe for home or garage use.


you can get it soften with heat regardless of thermoplastic or thermoset and then possibly rip it apart. at like 160f itll probably start to lose its physical properties.

Woops :sob::thinking:


Here’s what you do:

Put on your red velour smoking jacket over your fancy dress shirt and pants, and grab a copy of the new york times. Toss the wheel into the fireplace and clip the end from your hand rolled cigar. Sip a perfectly aged bourbon and puff your cigar while you read some very interesting articles by the fire. Pour yourself another drink, enjoy the rest of the cigar, then smash the wheel apart with the fire poker and have Jeeves put it on a silver platter to cool.


Sounds easy enough

Love this thread. Toss it in the barbie and get a big knife ready.

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