Discover new version VESC6

I found out that AliExpress has put a new VESC on the shelves, the name is MKSESC 60100HP. I read his introduction, and I feel that the material is very good. Has anyone used it and tested it? How do you feel, can you tell me? Below I attach the AliExpress link and photos.

[!USD!US%20%2489.99!US%20%2480.99% 21%21%21% 21%21%40210321c716926990862703442e8453%2112000034692016900%21sh%21US%214792381895&gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt]

welcome to our shore new totally-legit esk8 friend :smiley:

I don’t know why but I have a feeling that someone in the UK is going to be really pissed by this post


if somehow there is an actual person behind this account, and you really want to contribute something to this community and not just get banned as spam, I’d advise to:

  1. categorize this thread as a seller thread
  2. introduce yourself and your company
  3. explain plainly what this product target and particularities are
    there’s no shame into advertising your product, but if you do, do it openly, there’s no point into trying to fool people

Sorry if it caused trouble, how can I delete the post to avoid further impact?

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under the post there are three little dots, when you click them you can see different new buttons and a small little trash bin to delet the post

In my opinion, you should use the little pencil and edit the post instead, and make it as honest and clean as possible, I’m sure there is space in the hobby for cheaper grade controllers, flipsky does it after all

I’m sorry for my stupid behavior and I apologize to everyone.


I’m sure I don’t see the three dots, is it because I don’t have permissions?

This is my first time posting on the forum, sorry for my unskilled behavior!

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I’t possible, I don’t know,
You need to read and interact a bit on the forum before you’re granted full access,


Ok, thank you very much for your answer sir. I promise to review and correct my behavior!
Sorry again to the friends who entered this post, I will find a way to end the post as soon as possible.

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The best thing you can do is to be outright honest and upfront if you are associated with this product and or are making money from it.

If you are here to promote or sell your product, then you should create a Thread under the Category “Vendor corner (Serious)” instead. These will need manual approval from the Admins, which might take a few days. There you should tell us everything about you or your product without immediately losing all credibility as if you were to act like you aren’t associated.

this is solid advice. Follow it.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I’ll take it, I’m trying to make amends.

In fact, I will not get any benefits from it (if the salary counts), I am just a hardware engineer in the company, just because this board is designed by me, I have released the schematic diagram (I am applying for the public PCB file) , I would like to receive approval or feedback. When I post next time, I will seriously think about the content of this board and introduce it grandly.