Disabling brakes in duty cycle mode

I am trying to disable brakes in the duty cycle control mode. Has anyone been able to achieve that?

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Duty cycle control mode is akin to connecting to the car gas pedal to the speedometer instead of the carburetor throttle lever, and then trying to disable the brakes from the pedal.

That doesn’t even really make sense, because the pedal is connected to the speedometer. If you let the pedal up, you will feel hard braking as the speedometer lowers…because you let the pedal up…


My man trying to simply achieve freewheel with the VESC, here let me forward your request to another topic


You would most likely like to use current control with duty cycle limiting based on the throttle position, which would limit you to half no load speed at half throttle for example, which is how boosted boards behave but my understanding is this mode is not available on vesc.


yes that makes sense. Is that possible that you can point me out in the code where I can make that changes to get that working?