Direct drive drop through on a Hummie deck?

Hi All,

Has anyone tried to mount direct drives drop through on a Hummie deck or anything similar?

I have a set of TB DDs (which are great) and want to try to mount them drop through instead of top mount. I’ve done a fair bit of searching on both new and old forums, yielding very little.

@Pedrodemio mentioned sanding the topside of the board to get the plate flush with the deck on the old builders forum.

I figured it may be possible using something like @mikenyc 's bowery adjustable baseplate as they look to add distance from base plate to axle? (or a taller / extended version if they exist)

Maybe a combination of the above is the answer but any advice or innovative solutions to the above problem would be greatly appreciated. The aim is to have a board worthy of entering @rusins Ultraboards thread (or at least close… This might be a pipe dream).
Thanks in advance.


Fwiw the adjustable baseplates add almost the exact height of the hummie deck.

I have adjustable mounts dropped through in the front of a hummie and regular rkps on the rear NOT dropped through and it equals a flat deck.


Interesting, almost being slightly more or slightly less? I guess in an ideal world I need it to be slightly less to lower the overall height of the board and centre of gravity with it.

What I would do it make the baseplate flush like mine top mounting, the motor will probably interfere with the deck, then wrap a sand paper to the motor, spin it slowly and use the motor to sand a perfect pocket



But be careful, because if you remove too much:



@Pedrodemio yours is one of the only ways I have seen it achieved.

@rusins :flushed: yeah, that’s exactly what I am trying to avoid. I’d prefer not to sand top and bottom, or I’ll be living in fear of face planting although it is a good solution.


Is say the front adjustable dropped through is a few mm taller.

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Get drop shock pads and that will bring it down a hair


It’s not bothered me enough to do so but I’ve considered tossing some rubber washers under it, poorly imitating your suggestion. That board is about to be replaced and not ridden as often as it deserves :cry:


Aww that’s so sad, why the retirement?

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  • I have one offroad and jumping board that gets punished.

  • I have one beauty board that tears up the road and group rides.

  • I have one little urethane board for last mile fun, walking the dog, storage friendly, etc.

#2 is my Circuit Board currently but it’s about to be replaced by my new build. New build has almost twice the cells and I just love channel trucks too much.

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I might be willing to liberate you of some of those parts :yum:


I’ll let you know if it comes to it :wink:


Link ?if you have time thanks🤙

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This could be the solution I was looking for… And so simple… I feel so stupid! A couple of pads could be the best way without altering the deck too much. I guess in addition potentially finding a an adjustable plate that is slightly shorter than the bowery plates…
Also @Venom121212 that deck is incredible.


I’m currently trying to do the same with some Elofty direct drives. Going back and forth between running DKP and TKP and Berg wheels trying to get it lowest.

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I’m aiming for TKP for stability but DKP should make it a little easier?

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