Direct Drive Bad noise, what's the problem?

So, after a 20km ride yesterday my motor began to make this bad noise, any idea what It can be?
I tried to remove the wheel to check the motor but it’s so tight I couldn’t.
Damn direct drives


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Sounds like a magnet might’ve come loose. Got get it taken apart to see.

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Any magical way to take this damn wheel apart? It refuses to move even with a hammer…

Jam a flat tool between the wheel and DD and pry it out all around. That’s what I had to do with mine with GTR wheels. I used a 3/8” chisel.

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Nice one, I managed to take it apart with a large screw driver
Adapter is all scratched now…

So the problem was all screws were loose (the classic Elofty problem)
Should be all good after I glue everything

thank you guys!


Which screws were loose? Did you not loctite them before?

No I thought the left motor was OK without loctite but obviously I was wrong :roll_eyes:

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the screws that attach the abec adapter to the motor?

yep, gotta loctite them all :wink:

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