Different wires

ok guys for real cant find sth about that.

I have these 2 different wires laying arround, most people use 10-12 awg silicone wires (the right one) because they are flexible I assume.

What is the difference to the gold (I think copper) ones except they arent that flexible?

Are they better? Are they worse?

I used the “golden ones” now for couple of weeks and cant tell a difference except its not that flexible.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

We prefer finely stranded ‘superworm’ cable awg14- awg 8 depending on how many amps are being pushed

What you have there looks like regular electrical wire or maybe speaker wire which is not flexible and will probably cause heartache

Get some turnigy wire from hobbyking

The one on the right may be flex? Hard to tell with the crusty end, cut off a bit and expose some fresh wire. Any quality wire should have its rating printed on the side, never seen good stuff without print

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but is there an electrical difference except the flexibility?

I used it on my 12s6p pack now for some weeks and there was no big issue.

does that help?

AIV 23537T

I was readin that the superworm cables are made of alumiunium (dont know if thats correct) and the copper ones are just more expensive?

that is THE difference and one of the main reasons we use it. If you want broken solder joints and melted jacketing, don’t get high strand count silicone insulated tinned copper wire, aka Superworm. The other difference is that it seems to carry more current and the insulation doesn’t melt. At all.

plastic insulation melts and causes shorts. Thick stranded wire doesn’t flex enough and eventually breaks at solder joints. Superworm style wire doesn’t do any of that stuff and is totally worth the extra expense.

I buy spools of it on amazon. its all i use.


ok thanks guys! I used them for my 12s6p pack for the main wires ±. The solderjount is really strong, I really cant imagine that breaks. But maybe I will change the wires.+

So just ordered some awg10 wires

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I was out of 8awg for my mtb and ran 2awg flexible welding wire temporarily. It worked, but it was worried it might not be able to handle the current.

Joking aside, small electric cars could easily run with 2awg power wire.

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Don’t doubt it for a sec, surely that would be enough for a Tesla too?

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I was looking at the specs of some of their cars. Its not unusual to pull 3000+ amps per motor when accelerating hard (p100d model)

They use copper bus bars that are only a few inches long. They planned the layout to be extremely effecient to keep high current wires short.


I should say though, even though its 3k amps it only pulls that for a few seconds at most. The regular acceleration current is still several thousand across all motors. 2awg is rated for something like 250a continuous as chasis wiring

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:grimacing: man that’s a lot of juice.


I saw a demonstration online of a 12v supercap bank that discharged 10k amps through an aluminum beverage can. It instantly turned liquid and made a very loud bang


Now I want to see this, sounds perfect to turn over my twin cylinder starter motor


Just did the math, on a 375v battery they p100d can continuously sustain 1575a indefinetly to run at its max hp rating. Its cooling plate is apparently more than enough to keep that cool. That is just staggering it can do that not stop. I dont know what sort of phase current vs battery current it would be, but obv alot


I will see if i can dig up the video tomorrow morning. I think its buried in my yt liked vids. I wish they would finally give us a liked vid search feature.

the thread went a little bit of topic, but when we already talk about teslas.

Do you guys know the specs of the

old 18650 and the newer 2170 cells they use/ed?

do you guys think they are usable for eskate theoretixly?