DieBieMS fork: ENNOID-BMS for 6S to 24S battery packs

Im curious about your charging current. some people have told me that anything over 4 amps charging will roast the bms.

I have been using/testing a 16A TC/Elcon charger for charging my 20S packs with an XLITE-24. Heating is there but nothing to damage the board. BMS is able to manage the end of the charging cycle with the throttling functionnality over CAN bus. BMS can ask the charger to throttle down once the battery is almost full. By the way, end of cycle charging normally becomes a problem without throttling with a high current charger with a relatively small battery pack. The BMS is not good at it without CAN bus. So better slowly charging unless you have an elcon/TC charger with CAN bus.

There are two possibilities if the BMS generate a lot of heat during charging:

  • Either the board is defective/badly soldered at some point so that the charge FETs on the charger side does not engage and the charge current circulate in the FET internal body diode. 4 to 5A becomes the maximum in this scenario.

  • There was a time last year that I had to use higher RDson mosfets (not as good as the normal ones) due to the part shortage so that the board charging capability was limited below 10A

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Thanks for this reply. I have your xlite 24s bms and will be using it on a 14s4p pack and a 8A charger and Im just really nervous about breaking stuff bc thats usually how things go for me.

So i extended my setup now with 2 x Ennoid Vesc and xlite24 BMS all connected via CAN Bus. In my test setup everything seems to work. All devices are recognized in the Vesc Tool. Still waiting for my new Board with the limited space for Vesc so I can do a real live test.


Hey @ENNOID, I have a little issue. I can’t update the firmware from 5.2 to 5.3 because the HW-Name got changed from one tool to the other.
How can I solve this?

Manual upload with .bin file which is available on the website on XLITE page in the bottom table.

I made both XLITE-12 and XLITE-24 firmware separate now to improve user experience…at least from 5.3 and above. A few parameters are set different by default and some users were confused after a firmware update

OK, thanks.
I’ve been looking on GitHub for the compiled firmware but didn’t think of checking the website.

@ENNOID bug report:

with firmware v5.4 my 15S-SS starts always in charging operation because the charge control FETs switch on for some reason causing pack voltage to appear on the charge port and getting falsely detected as “charger connected”
It also loops on and off in that state.
Turn on, detect voltage on charger input, go into charging operation, stay there for a bit, turn off, turn on…

I downgraded to v5.3, no issues there.


Weird, I will have a look at that issue this week and will come back later. Thank you for reporting it.


I did some test with EBMS-tool 5.04 today.
I found what the issue was…A few extra line of codes were not commented as it was supposed.
So, I’m now updating the github release section with the new 5.04 firmwares.

Sorry for the trouble. Hope it works fine for all ENNOID hardware now.