DieBieMS fork: ENNOID-BMS for 6S to 24S battery packs

Vedder released his BMS FW.
It could be great to match the COMM enum in order to avoid bad things.


Does this BMS (or DieBieMS in general) have app like LLT BMS? I wanted to buy LLT for 15S, but maybe I will jump on this one instead. But I need to be able to see if cells are balanced or not.

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There is a USB windows app for configuring.
There is a Bluetooth mobile app under development in the ENNOID-BMS-Tool branch.

An optional NRF52 Bluetooth module footprint is located on the BMS backside and will be available once the app will be tested. Also, visible on the backside and optionnal are the additional FETs & shunt for increased current capability.


It would be nice to have the same COMM enum as VESC BMS firmware for compatibility.
I will work on this soon.


I need a bms for my build but im hoping i can get a trampa or flex lite before this is ready. If not, id be down to try one.

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Very keen for a production version of the charge only 18S

Will be using it in conjunction with Davega

I do have a large amount of LTC6812-15S IC in stock… My LTC6813 inventory is a bit lower and right now, it seems quite hard to get new stock of those 18S IC. So, I will do a 15S version soon after the 18S is released. Probably before the 24S. Everything should be the same between the 18S & 15S versions except the main IC & TVS values.


Nice project :+1:t3:

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Love this. Looks really good.

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What are the dimensions of the 18S variants?

Also, guessing the balance voltage, termination charge and other values will be user assignable similar to the LLT?

Dimensions for 15S, 18S, 24S boards:
60 x 100mm for charge only version
60x140mm for full version
All mounting holes are at 5mm from the board edges

Many parameters can be tuned at will. You can look at the actual BMS app:


Sorry, I didn’t read your other post properly. Was too excited lol. Only just saw that you were referring to the 18S for the dimensions

On the image of the 18S circuit, there are 20 balance connections. What is the “NC” lead for?

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Faannncccyyyy!!! Looking good ^^.

Yes I had a conversation with ENNOID and said that he could use everything for anything he liked. I do that often to people who contact me and ask about my projects.


Thats huuuuge :exploding_head:


Yeah that’s massive :expressionless:

Sorry if it is too large for you guys.

Could be smaller if there would be SMD components on both sides, but not at the moment. Maybe in the future.

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To be fair, the only competitor AFAIK, LLT BMS, is almost double the size in area (https://www.lithiumbatterypcb.com/product/48v-60v-72v-li-ion-or-lifepo4-smart-bluetooth-bms-with-30a-40a-50a-constant-current-software-pcb-board-with-uart-and-rs485/)

Double sided SMD layout would be worth paying extra for. A lot of esk8 applications above 12S tend to be tight on enclosure space so minimisation of size is worth it, even if it does come at a premium, especially for a charge only unit that doesn’t need the heat dissipation


Seconded. I’d pay a bit more to have a much more compact unit.