DFWATTX | Zero dark 40" | 6364 keda 190kv| 10s5p diyeboard| unity | dickyho pneummies TB 218 | idler mounts


Built this as a V1.2 of my first board.

I started swapping unsafe diyeboard parts and came up with this
Thanks @mmaner for letting my ask annoying questions .

I drilled holes in a pelican case and mounted my unity on some industrial Velcro . Then sealed the holes with shoe goo. To keep it from running and deforming , I applied heat with a hair dryer.

I read through dofferent forums… And learned to solder on these motors . cut the brittle wires and soldered 14 ga. Awg that had more flexibility.
Mounted the motors on the trucks .
It took some fiddling to get it all trued and straight . I mounted everything and repeated the unity/ pelican case stepd with the battery . then I covered the wires and doubled the velcro with an adhesive industrial pad and a strap. Just for good measure


Noice build


What is your opinion about the battery?

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It’s alright. You can spend the same amount maybe 80 more and get a 30q pack tho.

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