Deck grip question

Wonder if anybody else has tred this, i used metal sandpaper 40 grit for my deck, please dont shoot me down in flaims, ive already cut them out and stick them down with very strong glue. Im trying to copy this board.


Why don’t you get hex grip tape from @BuildKitBoards ?

ive cut it up now, just wondering if it works? or has anybody else tryed it?

If you’re just asking about Hex grip tapes, then sure lots of people have done it.

I ended up getting some from the aforementioned @BuildKitBoards and just slapped right on, no measuring, no cutting, just slap them on and you’re good to go. Only complaint I have (and it’s my fault) is that I didn’t prepare the board before hand, so there was some dust and gunk underneath some of the tiles, resulting in some falling off. A bit of Gorilla glue or super glue has fixed that issue for the most part.

Additionally, you may want to look into getting a spacer. My sets came with a nifty little 3D printed spacer to make sure you get them placed accurately.

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thats a good idea a spacer, i was going to paint my board first then add the grip stuff.

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