Deck and enclosure yard-sale: Deals! Deals! Deals!

I’ve got a bunch of random decks sitting around my shop and I’m getting sick of looking at them. They’re prototypes, early versions and mildly blemished decks for the most part. I’d like to try to turn them into money. Anyhow, without further ado.

First, I’ve got these two MTB decks that are very similar to a deck on my website ( 41.5" MTB (deck + enclosure system) ( They are bamboo reinforced with fiber-glass. The finishes have some minor blemishes. I’m selling each of them for $125 + shipping. These have inserts for my enclosures, but an enclosure is not included. I’ll make a single or double-stack enclosure to go with them for $75.

Next, I have an early version of the MTB deck above. It’s bamboo and fiberglass with coarse grip-tape. It includes a double-stack enclosure that has some wrinkles in it. I’m selling it for $175 +shipping.

Additionally, I have this MTB deck. It’s just like one that I have on my website, but it has a different finish ( 41.5" MTB, Bamboo with Carbon-fiber base (deck + enclosure system) ( This one is made from Bamboo, carbon-fiber and fiberglass. I’m asking $175 + shipping for the deck. I’ll make a single or double stack enclosure for it for $75.

Last, I’ve got a 35" MTB deck. It’s made from bamboo and fiber-glass. This one is a prototype. I don’t have an enclosure for it yet. I’m selling it for $125 + shipping.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested.


Beautiful stuff you have !!
I love the bamboo and fiberglass one (second to last), it’s a beauty !

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Thank you, that one’s the fanciest in the lot.

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What are the enclosures made out of?

Thermoformed kydex.


Interested but I have a strong feeling that combined with shipping, my wife will kill me.

H4E1K1 Montreal Canada for info

I definitely shouldn’t spend more money on skate stuff right now, but for clarity, do the shorties include enclosures, and if not, how much to add them?


They come with the enclosure. I have a single or double-stack available.

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Let me take a look.

That’s a damn good deal than. I’ll let you know if I can manage to stuff that murder hornet into my budget lol.


Hey, I would be interested in one of your short boards. Are they still available?

Unfortunately, they are already spoken for.


That’s sad, if someone is not going for it, I would be happy to hear from you :slight_smile:
These are your last shortboards? Or do you have some more?

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I beat you to the black shortboard by like an hour lmao.


Unlucky, congrats mate.


The shorties are gone but I still have some MTB decks left. Deals! Deals! Deals!


This is ever so slightly off topic, but mountainboard guys seem to really love their top mount boxes, you should look into offering peli-case combos or something.

The problem seems to be shipping. I’ve had a lot of interest, but then the shipping quote comes and interest fades.


True that lol. I use pirateship, usually pretty good rates.


pi-rates :joy: :drooling_face: