Deaf Tech’s Electric Skateboards

Hey guys,
We are currently looking for some of your insights on our company’s new electric skateboard. As of now are parts are getting shipped in and we will have working prototypes starting late August. Our goal is to do a Kickstarter/Indiegogo launch, so we can receive funding to manufacturer our boards. Our boards will be assembled in Northern Virginia(United States) and our parts are sourced worldwide. Because are boards are still in transit, pictures will be added along the way.

For the deck we have one option(Now only Canadian maple). 5 ply bamboo 32”x10.8” or 8 ply Canadian Maple 32”x10.8”. (And yes you read that right, 10.8 inches wide, huge emphasis on wide) The deck will be for sale soon.

As for the the dual drivetrain

Pending trucks and mounts- @boardnamics 50/40^degrees riptide bushings trucks(adjustables are to heavy for our purpose) with his 63mm mounts with idler

Motors - Flipsky 6354s Motors

Pulleys - Kegel HTD5M 36-18t 15mm

Wheels - Kegels

Belts - 15mm HTD5M

The electronics

Battery - 12s3p Samsung 30q

VESC - FESC 4.20 plus running FOC

Remote - flipsky VX2

Charger - 5A Charger with every order unless opt out 3A charger

The Enclosure will be made out of an abs mold that will take up the entire bottom of the board. (subject to change)


We plan on having a a customizable grip tape as well as a customizable enclosure and wheels. More information on this will be coming soon.

Our goal is to provide a last mile board that is comfortable, and uses quality parts that will provide the power and stability you need. This is an open source electric skateboard that makes it easy for new esk8rs to get into the sport. We are making a platform that will be easier to customize and upgrade. The board will come plug and play or it can be shipped unassembled. We are expecting at least 200 orders when we launch and are planning for more.

Estimated range - 20miles at 11.2wh/km
Estimated speed - 28mph+

Estimated price for Retail - $1000+
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

(Any edits will be for grammar or clarification unless posted otherwise. )


A 5 ply bamboo deck is way to flexible, I could fold it up and put it in my pocket. you need at least a 9 ply unless you are using a flexible enclosure and battery.

83mm is pretty small wheels for people using it as a ‘last mile’ board.


For the board we are testing both flex and stiff deck. Our current enclosure works with both. As for the wheels we allotted up to 100mm wheels in the board.When the boards comes, we will test wheel bites and if risers are needed.


I think bigger batteries will be of more interest. 10s2p will sag, I would have at least a 10s4p


@Deaf_Tech Congratulations on your start up and wish you a great success… This is a supportive community and I think you will be lucky to lunch your crowdfunding campaign for these guys…

One question… Could you share your crowdfunding journey with us ? (may be you can start another thread for this) Let us support you and also lets learn the road map from your campaigns together, I believe many innovations (and possible cooperations about them) are waiting to come to life here in this community…


Yeah batteries, 10S2P a bit low.

Also those Flipsky motors are not so reliable, quality control not so good. You will have many upset customers.


Sorry mate but at that price with these components there are many better alternatives.


I totally agree with @taz

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We plan on 10s4p 30q but it heavier by a 1kg. And I am talking to Flipsky about there QC on the motors, I am aware of their issue.

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Wheel size is fine, but I see 0 reason to go with Abec clones when you can get quality Orangatang wheels for cheap when they go on sale here and there. Colorful wheels -> more vivid board -> more attractive to customers :slight_smile:


Understandable, but we are sourcing from quality manufacturers, some you may know.

It is your business not mine.
You can charge whatever you want for your board.
However you asked for feedback.
Most people here could easily build that board for less than $700 with the same components.
Those that don’t build boards could buy a Boosted Mini X for $1099.
I won’t even mention the whole crowdsourcing that ends up in a mess in most esk8 related businesses.
That is my opinion. Take it or leave it, makes no difference to me.


Thanks for the feedback, We can make a switch to orangatang wheels. But we also want the customization of the clones.(mixed colors, designs,etc). Other than that it is definitely up for discussion.

At that price point, you won’t make many sales. I can get better performance out of my koowheel (kickstarter prototype) and it was at a cost of 749usd. Might want to rethink the battery to 10s4p or even 10s5p to make it worth. People are getting more and more into having group rides and 12miles (on a good day) won’t get you far on that ride. Heck it doesn’t even allow me to make a full ride on my F1 circuit


“On a journey to change the way we commute”

So change something my friend, what you have here is a second/third rate esk8, no innovation and so far quite poorly received. I’m sorry if that sounds horrible but it’s just honest.

I hope you can come up with a different solution and make something happen, more retailers, more stuff for all of us :call_me_hand:


You are on to something about group rides. We were not planning the aggressive riding style some group rides take. We will look into the 10s5p.


Yeah for me it is really just too high a price point. If you were selling it for something like 800 that would be more swallow-able but like @taz says, I could build it for about $700.

On the other hand I probably wouldn’t because I would want higher quality components.

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Great feedback, I would not call this poorly received, it’s more on the lines of constructive criticisms. As I said any feedback is appreciated.

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Think about the people who do not have the skill to build a board themselves. Sure you can build a board for less, but that goes into your time, effort, and potentially more money per mistake that many others who first start off face. Thank you for your feedback.

Edit: pricing will be discussed

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Do you have pictures of boards you have built so far?