DB Coreflex with Evolve left overs

Here is the last set of parts I bolted together. I had put in a new battery, enclosure ESC and motors on my Evolve Bamboo GT, which is just freaking great now. But I had a working set of motors, enclosure, ESC, and GTX battery just sitting there, so I decided to make this guy.
DB Coreflex Deck.
TB 218 trucks.
Dickyho short mounts.
ABEC 11 90mm.
Zealous Bearings.
14T/30T pulleys.
Riptide 93a Krank Canyons all around

I had to take advantage of the ability of the evolve stuff to flex some so I decided to go with this deck.

And it feels really neat. Really bouncy, and fun to carve on.

To keep the motors from hitting the deck on big turns I have them really low, so I have practically not clearance back there for anything besides flat ground

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I do have one question: Isn’t the reason there were so many battery problems is the flex of the Evolve Deck?

Not that I’m aware of. The evolve battery is made up of independent prismatic cells.

It was an issue because it was sagnasty


hm, let me do some research.